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Network Services


Vodanet Ltd are pleased to have professional working partnerships with numerous leading global brands

These partnerships, allied to our own in-house sales & technical skills, project experience and service portfolio, ensures we can provide manufacturer & carrier neutral advice & connectivity to our clients, which focus totally on the client requirement and the best of breed solution to meet any client’s criteria

Contact Sean Lynch on 07766 005511 or email enquiries@vodanet.co.uk

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Sales or Consultancy?

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We offer a true advice /  consultancy service because we realize that you often need to discuss your existing issues, possible options or potential solutions  without sales pressure or bias from a tied, commission based individual who can only offer their companies products

We do NOT employ sales staff, we operate with business partners who have access to a full portfolio of solutions, but will first listen to you and understand what you may require or, importantly what you do NOT want  

What is right for you & your business – need advice? Talk to Vodanet today 

Contact Sean Lynch on 07766 005511 or email enquiries@vodanet.co.uk

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Business Solutions


Advances in technology, hardware & software now mean you can now have real-time, secure, fully integrated communications to enhance your business across data, voice & visual platforms, with SaaS & Cloud solutions allowing for timely, cost-effective management of users, applications and the flow of information within your organisation

Snapfile is a leading solution, available now to transform your business information / data collection & management, from any site (globally) to back office. Fully scalable for Enterprise, Team or Essentials operations, see what Snapfile can do for your business

Contact Sean Lynch today on 07766 005511 or email sean@snapfile.co.uk

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